Heart Is A Deserted Station!

Heart is a deserted station. 

No trains to stop by…

No loved ones to greet warmly,

Not even grim faces of those  

parting ways. 

No trace of life_                 

Nor that familiar sight where

everyone is in inexplicable hurry,

And some cursing 

the slow march of time_

Just a doleful quiet, ashen-faced

Seeping out of every corner.

In this moment of gnawing loneliness 

I see a big vast desert 

grown inside me.

Haunted by its own expanse of desolation…

In eternal wait of a happy caravan

or ……. forever dissipation.


When She Fell For Him?!!

▶Those sweet words of love


Were they captivating enough? 


They were like a delicious fire 


Quickening her pulse.   




▶Those heated piercing gazes


Had they undone her restraint? 


They were like a tantalising paralysis


Pinning her with their ferocity.




▶Those god gifted lips made


To write stories of passion, 


Had they liquified all that 


Self-proclaimed recluseness?


They were like a blessing_ sinful in its 


temptation…soulful in its taste.





▶Yet they weren’t enough to haul her


From the black hole of her fears_


Fear of maddening love and its tyrant rule. 


Then one cold night the unexpected happened.



▶Walking together while silence & stars guarding


their wayward path, an invisible pull_ 


Pulsating furiously between & within them.




▶His sheer presence clasped itself


Around her dainty frame and jittery gait.


Her body shook and she fell_ 


bedazzled by the torrent


Of emotions showering her to the core_ and he held her in his arms;


Like a sacred rose,          


Like some holy revelation,


Like a goddess from heavens,


Sent for him, only.   




▶The gentle halo of his words,


The softness written in his eyes,    


The quiver of his lips


mesmerised her.


There & then she fell for him


With her body & soul, together….!!





“A Perfect Glimpse”

He’s Caught in a spell,                     

flickering through her eyes,

Brazen, wanton & intoxicating.   

The calling of those gleaming pools of brown,

Shakes the walls of the Castle            

His willpower is.  

Her cheeks are another story, 

Blushing the deep crimson                 

Singing glow of her raw innocence. 

And her lips mumble;                        

The incoherent thoughts,

About merciless cold weather,     

The warmth erupting from the fireplace, 

And the muffler she’s knitted for him.

He feels a rush of unknown emotions

Unfurling its secrets 

within him 

or perhaps cocooning him.         

He’s a composed piece of utter bewilderment

And she- 

an unruly picture of perfection.

This hollow, silence & burning!

Sometimes, there’s this hollow
Filled with harsh delicacies,
meaningless embellishments.
This crazy sounding silence;
Where I hear you
Whispering my name dulcetly,
Standing so close that
our shadows appear one.
Yet they’re just shadows.
I’ve nothing to hold or touch.
Just this bittersweet burning of betrayal
Possesses my body, my soul
And my surroundings.
This hollow, this silence and this burning
Are all immortal gifts
I received at the funeral
Of love once you’d for me.
Why I’m telling you my anguish?
Your mortal & damaged self can’t
Grasp my relation with
this hollow, silence & burning.
May you never have to grasp this deathly living.
Oh thanks heavens;
My love is safe & happy.!!!

I Ask You!!

Have you ever met an admirer,

Who’s love is never enough

To surpass his longings?

Do you know that trance where

Meanings & measurements of

Sentiments change?

Where sated isn’t sufficient

And wanting fulfills?

Have you ever renounced demands

And kissed orders?

Did that occur to you

That how love invades & claims you

When ego is surrendered?

Would you be with me

If I take you to the journey

Of discovering this all?

Would you be with me

If I tell you that

I love you this way?!!

A Curse Is Upon Me

▶I see unmasked faces all around;
Hanging naked with their lies showing,
With gagging ugliness
And hideous intentions,
They spit lovely affection & fidelity. 
▶I hear the silent language  
Of stolen & daring glances;
Loving, hateful,deceiving & blank ones.
They flicker their secrets
Armed by a dagger. 
Then they want to wound their object.

▶I read the awful turns, twists & tribulations,
enfolding & emanating from bodies.
Communicating stories that mouths
Don’t confess
And hearts become their stinky graves.  

▶I feel a coated sweetness,
a painted sincerity
Feigned ignorance & ingrained gloom;
Oozing out secretly from the scripted words
That people utter & exclaim
to get cozy behind them.

▶ Why truth unleashes it’s bitternes?
Why the torment wants my companionship? 
Why I can’t pretend it’s what it seems ?
I could’ve collcted or snatched joys!
Why ignorance isn’t my bliss?
Why this curse is upon me?