A Curse Is Upon Me

▶I see unmasked faces all around;
Hanging naked with their lies showing,
With gagging ugliness
And hideous intentions,
They spit lovely affection & fidelity. 
▶I hear the silent language  
Of stolen & daring glances;
Loving, hateful,deceiving & blank ones.
They flicker their secrets
Armed by a dagger. 
Then they want to wound their object.

▶I read the awful turns, twists & tribulations,
enfolding & emanating from bodies.
Communicating stories that mouths
Don’t confess
And hearts become their stinky graves.  

▶I feel a coated sweetness,
a painted sincerity
Feigned ignorance & ingrained gloom;
Oozing out secretly from the scripted words
That people utter & exclaim
to get cozy behind them.

▶ Why truth unleashes it’s bitternes?
Why the torment wants my companionship? 
Why I can’t pretend it’s what it seems ?
I could’ve collcted or snatched joys!
Why ignorance isn’t my bliss?
Why this curse is upon me?


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