This hollow, silence & burning!

Sometimes, there’s this hollow
Filled with harsh delicacies,
meaningless embellishments.
This crazy sounding silence;
Where I hear you
Whispering my name dulcetly,
Standing so close that
our shadows appear one.
Yet they’re just shadows.
I’ve nothing to hold or touch.
Just this bittersweet burning of betrayal
Possesses my body, my soul
And my surroundings.
This hollow, this silence and this burning
Are all immortal gifts
I received at the funeral
Of love once you’d for me.
Why I’m telling you my anguish?
Your mortal & damaged self can’t
Grasp my relation with
this hollow, silence & burning.
May you never have to grasp this deathly living.
Oh thanks heavens;
My love is safe & happy.!!!


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