“A Perfect Glimpse”

He’s Caught in a spell,                     

flickering through her eyes,

Brazen, wanton & intoxicating.   

The calling of those gleaming pools of brown,

Shakes the walls of the Castle            

His willpower is.  

Her cheeks are another story, 

Blushing the deep crimson                 

Singing glow of her raw innocence. 

And her lips mumble;                        

The incoherent thoughts,

About merciless cold weather,     

The warmth erupting from the fireplace, 

And the muffler she’s knitted for him.

He feels a rush of unknown emotions

Unfurling its secrets 

within him 

or perhaps cocooning him.         

He’s a composed piece of utter bewilderment

And she- 

an unruly picture of perfection.


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