When She Fell For Him?!!

▶Those sweet words of love


Were they captivating enough? 


They were like a delicious fire 


Quickening her pulse.   




▶Those heated piercing gazes


Had they undone her restraint? 


They were like a tantalising paralysis


Pinning her with their ferocity.




▶Those god gifted lips made


To write stories of passion, 


Had they liquified all that 


Self-proclaimed recluseness?


They were like a blessing_ sinful in its 


temptation…soulful in its taste.





▶Yet they weren’t enough to haul her


From the black hole of her fears_


Fear of maddening love and its tyrant rule. 


Then one cold night the unexpected happened.



▶Walking together while silence & stars guarding


their wayward path, an invisible pull_ 


Pulsating furiously between & within them.




▶His sheer presence clasped itself


Around her dainty frame and jittery gait.


Her body shook and she fell_ 


bedazzled by the torrent


Of emotions showering her to the core_ and he held her in his arms;


Like a sacred rose,          


Like some holy revelation,


Like a goddess from heavens,


Sent for him, only.   




▶The gentle halo of his words,


The softness written in his eyes,    


The quiver of his lips


mesmerised her.


There & then she fell for him


With her body & soul, together….!!






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