Why is this pitless restlessness    

Resonates deep within my being, betraying there resides a wistful fret,  

Reminding viciously that a vital part a blessed link missing,           

Even when It seems I’m still intact? 

Why night is like a python

Coiling itself around me,

Choking my existence slowly, too slowly,

Yet ever so truly so resolutely?     

Why dawn doesn’t look at me with her all too known bright gaze,

Why always a mournful look, a

colourless aching haze awaits? 

What’s with the evening_ not lit with fancy lights, 

Laughter of friends & citylife delights?

Why stories & poetry don’t quite occupy me?

Perhaps Characters & words aren’t enough

To win over the ghosts & whispers lurking & howling somewhere inside me.  

Who’s waging a war within me, with me?

Do all got demons like the ones burdening my soul, 

Turning her into a fugitive in her own abode?

Or is it like I’m a fallen angel 

Who’s forgotten the prayer,

And in rage refused atonement,

renounced his angelic mould.?  

Why sorrow never breaks me or leaves

The dagger remain buried in my heart?

Does it know that I’m already broken

Writhing with lacerating wounds, a rot.?


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