“A Child Laborer”

▶An angel with no crime, 

Scarred by circumstances                

Looks like a convicted criminal. 

Prisoner of soul-branding torment, 

The kid shouldering today’s worries,

Throws away hopes of tomorrow;

To lessen the burden of sorrow,

To kill the desires before they kill.  


▶A perpetual cold night of a life,   

That befalls early, gloweringly,  

Weaves a maze of smoke, 

Extacts a blinding… 

benumbing revenge. 

Extracts the life out of body & recedes.  

Leaves a waning silhouette, 

To brave breathing. 


▶What sin has he committed, 

While being cradled by his mother’s womb?    

Why her pauper destiny                   

Gobbled up his approaching life? 

Declared him child of destitution,

Child of labor,child of wages…

Dreamer of few coins & a square meal,

Victim of our spiritual poverty & brutal apathy!!!


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