I deserve you like an innocent forgotten prisoner deserves freedom & return of all that he lost, rightly.

I seek you like a poor famished sailer seeks the favourable flow of wind & calm waters, greedily.

I look at you like a caravan of devotees worship the first sight of a monastery, adoringly.

I savour you like a starving child takes the first bite of favourite meal, feels heaven invaded the taste buds, giddily.

I cherish you like a rain deprived soil welcomes the first droplet by exuding her ethereal arousal, fragrantly.

I know you like beating of my own heart, within me, keeping me alive, revitalising me, faithfully.


‪In my richest moments‬

When I think about your parting gaze

(Two spears of quiet fire marked me forever)

My heart turns into a beggar

All treasures of the world become ashes

And everything lick the dust of your path.


3 thoughts on ““Confession”

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