Some Relations. ..!!

Some relations are too sublime

Defining them is mundane_a crime.

They are wrapped in an understanding;

For words, too intricate,

For knowing, too elaborate.

Relations as encompassing as a deep conviction,

That their absence is a whammy a silent corrosion.

Relations like a mirage a sheer contradiction,

Their existence a dissipation,  yet for vision an affirmation.

They’re bound to overlap each other,

They’re wired to wrought each other,

They’re their own annihilation,

They’re their own supplication,

They fall apart yet never depart.

Their code is unique in its imperfection.

Their path is straight in its aberration.

Infinite in their mortality,

Immortal in their fragility,

These relations are larger than life itself;

More certain than death,

Far celestial than heaven & hell.


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