My Cyanide!

I relish the power of imperfection,

Sharp edges or unattractive ridges of soul

All that make me whole.

For I’ve dismissed;

The collar of affectations,

The noose of superficial pleasantness

People adore & adorn.

Since long ago

Appeasement stopped convincing me

Of its fruitfulness,

Censure has lost its efficacy.

I’ve, now, my passions

I’ve love, hatred, fury or serenity

All raw. ..crude. ..unmistakable

I give them without a hint of remorse

I take them with equal deference

Either I fly with joy

Or cry in agony

Unfettered is my infatuation

Unbridled is my indifference

A pining so soul-claiming

An affliction so soul-devouring

Mad abundance is my only perfect sanctuary

Anything less is my cyanide…my destruction.


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