A wanderer. .

■The allure of closed alleyways, so deceiving so enticing..

The woeful scent of withering flowers, how kissably inviting.



■The wide spread of my disquiet, so recklessly gnawing…                 

Tracing depth of my void, it’s fascinating it’s crucifying.


■Ecstacy of quest denying the rapture destination proffering…              

The bliss of journeying together, is all that my heart cherishing.


■O the striving, my relentless pining, know, this passion is undying!

For I’m always with my beloved even when he’s away, elusive & hiding.


■Distances kill or kindle me? The dancing flame of desire wondering…

What lies in zenith or decline, what magic the peaks harbouring?


■Alone in distress, I’m receding or does he within me, secretly thriving?     

What’s possessing me, what is in my possession? Forever marveling!  


■A moment venerating reality, next, in a ceaseless mystery, twirling…

Discovering hints & hues, reading subtleties & signs, gliding.


■I discern the pain of hollow words, they, without essence languishing..

I write the stories of turmoil, lurking beneath silence, howling.



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