Love me…

Look at me;

With a child like wonder in your orbs

Stars glistening in eyes & the curve of moon on lips

Anticipating a dulcet warm hug from someone he loves

A Fretfulness which hankers to lavish all & devour all

Touch me;

Like a gardener touches his beloved flower

Worships its texture & swallows its aroma

Waters it like it would herald Spring in his own soul

Nourishes it to sate his own deficiencies

Kiss me;

Like your survival depends on it

The only thing you know is my lips to draw life from

When I’m in your arms

I’m your only universe

And your universe becomes I..

Hold me;

Like a lost traveller holds his torn map

Though the map is tattered

Yet his only hope to find a way_ his destination.

He doesn’t hate its flaw… instead

The determination to complete it

Keeps him alive when doubts plague his heart

Love me;

Like I’m your only benediction

Your most coveted redemption

I’m the only woman, your other half

Like I’m your chronic craving

Your destined gratification

Be my placating anchor…

Let me take refuge in you

Be my stormy sea

Let me sail through you

If I stay afloat, I’m your reward

If I sink, you’re to keep me forever or witness my decay

If I’m ashore; you’re what I was seeking

Take all it gets

Give all it takes

Don’t surrender me

Let me conquer you

Look at me..

Touch me..

Kiss me..

Hold me..

Love me…


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