“The Nude Of My Beloved”

I want to paint your nude. 

Where you lay bare your soul.  

A perfect angle just for my eyes

(As compliant as I want it, 

As defiant as I know it) 

I draw you with the brush of avidity,

The strokes of profound love,      

In bold possessive colours.

Utterly revealed…a dear sight to behold. 

Your magnanimity and vulnerability

Wearing nothing withal your starkness.


My vision kisses the scars hidden beneath your immaculate sinewy body.

(whose carnality piques mine tremendously..tumultuously)

You’re an exquisite work of nature; 

Your rarity becomes my infinite curiosity,

Fanning & feeding my hunger, alike.

(Hunger of a soul for a soul to dovetail)

It’s as much aphrodisiac as it could be,

It’s as much gratifying as it should be,

To see you more than you expose.


Restive keen intent pulsates through me,

Eager eyes of my heart transfixed,

Readily Absorbing your fire your fears,

Brazenly fondling your anguish your ordeal. 

Wrapped under dreaded iniquity

I see your shrouded lambency, 

You’re a vivid intricacy,

Draped under the finery of fantasy.  


This moment is celestial.    

As much as the muse is nude;

Artist’s desire, 

Her adoration is equally naked.

What transcends between us could consume all words

Yet would belie all explanations.

It’s our renaissance…      

New cadence,                 

New effulgence,

Maddening indulgence!


(Nude painting is an art form, mainly the Western art. It was popular art form Ancient Greece. Claimed


prominent position in Western art during the period of Renaissance.)


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