“Wondrous Love”


An Incandescent desire aflare in a sconce 

It Subdues, exalts, invokes a quaint trance

A Ravishing spring in the beloved’s glance 

It is Healing like a balm, hurting like a lance

It Plays a symphony of divine aberrance

And In a sweet frenzy lovers blithely dance

The Smitten heart in an eonian whelming maze

    Throbbing in the embrace of a revealing haze

It showers an ecstasy, it rouses a red blaze

      The Seeker soaked in a warm riveting craze 

   One Beloved to love in an endless ways 

     A thousand lives lived in one soulful gaze

 Countless bright moons poise to egress

    Hopes chassé in smiles’ seraphic dress  

  Fulfills profoundly, its disarming caress

   Serene tides unleash a deluge so fierce   

   An Invincible thirst soars, astir to possess

        Grips from within, weaving a magic, intense



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