“Femme Fatale”

Le Femme fatale by Ira Tsantekidou

Insatiable deity of sin majestically doning lust’s hexing attire 

Audaciously renouncing her timidity, coddling carmine desire

Nymphet coveting sheer pleasure, brewing enamouring fire

Blinding love, coaxing beloved in atrociously torrid quagmire  


Hell gushing in vixen’s body with wickedly prurient intentions 

Stirring dance of seven veils, she unveils ravening attractions

Salaciously conspiring, wantonly driving, her vile seductions

Exotic affections, fatal distractions choreographing afflictions


Luring, saintly persuing, lavishly granting, depriving to impel

     Arousing, dousing, roaring amor addiction so inexorably swell      

Wild, virulent siren crooning mesmeric songs of intriguing spell

 Aphrodite of beguiled adonis, haughtily defies inhibitions to rebel  


Trammeling slowly, enslaving eternally, suavely savage inebriety 

Femme fatale, devouring banefully, surreally nirvanic serendipity

“Salome”, 1909 by Robert Henri (did dance of seven veils)



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