“You Blew Me Away” by Penny Hardy

How chaos sing psalms of tranquillity?

How tranquillity yearns for a phrenetic realm?

How frenzy extols black magic of decadence?       

How does black let white stay immaculate?

How white cheers colours to prevail?

How colours decide to cherish nihility? 

How nihility allows someone to contour it with love?

How love accepts being sculptured by longing? 

How longing rejects curing its innate ache? 

                  How ache fears the serpents of loneliness?                     

How loneliness listens to footfalls of the one who’s not there?

How I see a face in every face, a figure in every shadow?

How that face is still unparalleled & that figure still untraceable?

How my desperation to know this all blows me away?


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