“Contemporary Love”

2014-02-23 17.28.41

I can’t love you

As a complaisant ingenue,

I love you as a woman

Who knows her predilections,

Who knows, you’re as fallible as she.

For her, you’re not a god,

She’ll never worship you.

You’re not a leader,

She’ll never follow your footprints.

However, she’ll stay beside you

In storm or singing breeze.

She’ll accompany you, step by step

On coals or glittering rainbows.

Together, she’ll collect smiles, with you, for you.

Togethet, she’ll shed tears with you, for you.

She sees you as her other half,

Takes pride in completing you,

Demands the same devotion.

She’s not lost

Albeit a lost piece of your puzzle.

She’ll give you herself, unguardedly.

She’ll accept you for you, unconditionally.

She’ll give you her flowers,

She’ll pull out your thorns.

   She’ll have your stars & moon,

She’ll want you obviating her eclipses.

She’ll have you whole,

She’ll make you her kingdom.

She’ll let you own her,

She’ll make you her king.

Her softness or crudeness

Derive their life from yours.

She could be your gentler representation.

You could be her abrasive extension.

She’ll tell you, boldly.

“We’re two distinct forms of one essence:

We might be two strangers_

In quest of purity_

Yet our souls are celestial companions,

Created to purge & reinforce

each other.”

Dedicated to the women, who believe in individuality & Love wildly. Who’re not fearful of speaking their heart. Who tell their significant other, while looking in his eyes, “Accept me for who I’m. I’ll accept you as who you’re. Just like this let us be”. It might not be a perfect expression of independence (because it’s not) but it’s the expression of interdependence.


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