The Red Wine Of Longing


Wistful heart with wings of blue fire

Soars raucously in the cold desert of your absence.

Gilded days or embellished evenings,

The bleak spread of separation

Howls like a wounded predator.

Colours wither as if a winter storm sprouted within them,

Fragrances are a sad pool of craving

Miseries bloom in spring.

Fall churns out a scarlet melancholy.

How to turn the lonesome night

Into a merrily drunk carnival of limbo?

Where afflictions

Nibble on the pink cotton candies

Caught in a spell of blinking lights,

They cease stinging me.

Something to intoxicate the  lonesome night?


In this interlude of despair;

A thought smiles cherubically,

Drinking a sweet nectar flowing through the desire

Of your lips on my lips.

Imprisoning the eternity there.

Souls in an embrace

That, even, death can’t part.

Bodies the reincarnation of love,

Ravished by its own secrets,

Indulging in their carnal taste.

And purple timelessness greeting the blessed delirium.

The winery of my steadfast hope

Aggravating the singing drops of Desire’s sizzling sweet nectar

Into waltzing red wine of longing.

     The goblet of lonesome night brimming,

Fête of forgetfulness ensuing….


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