“I c a r u s”




How to paint the parched lips of desolation, red?

And watch the lush swell of my hope

Singing the forgotten songs of love.

How to ink your soul-awing name

On the feverish body of my patience?

And witness the sudden egress of a full moon

In the desert of my heart.

How to sculpt you immortal

When the delightful features of love are invisible?

When I’m fading under your shadow,

When your shadow barricading my vision.

How to contain your onslaught

When an esurient desire floods my veins?

And I become a fire that’s sinking deep in waters,

Taking shores along with her,

Setting its depths, ablaze.

How to reverse the clock

And steal you from the moment of separation?

From the distance that never allowed me

To step out of your possessive arms?

How to kiss your wanton scent,

Walking seductively on the streets?

Climbing up the balcony of my room,

Scaling the walls of my thoughts

Hiding in the folds of my nightgown.

How to fill my days & nights with you, again?

To sprinkle you on me,

And melt myself in this surge of you?

To drag you out of you

And bury myself, infinitely,

In your adamant enticement?

How to provoke your fury?

To have you raven this distance between us?

Like mad tides in search of their beloved pearl

Devour rocks & vales.

How to tell you?

“Stay afire like you carry a million fulgent suns,

I’m your insatiable Icarus!”




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