Short Poems

Below are those short poems that I wrote & tweeted at @shereenaljarrah with the hashtag #SAJ #MicroPoetry. A friend suggested to share some of them on my blog. So here they are:


If I write

What’s trapped between

Yearning & fear

Death & disregard

Words would melt

My soul would take their form & flee me. (6.4.2014)


The frenzied wind sings a passionate song

Skies in a black robe of clouds

Scent of rain on the eager lips of soil

Elements know lovemaking. (1.1.2014)

A dagger like night

Wounding the stars

Agonizing the moon

Causing their ache to glow

While devouring their lives slowly. (31.3.2014)

Piercing sting of silence

Words must concoct a consolation

All those truthful words

I saved from the plague of the unsaid. (28.3.2014)

A tangled web of dusk

Stars feel choked

The moon is trapped. (28.3.2014)

An unfathomable light

An all too knowing darkness

In & out of a dream

The transcendency of life

Dwarfs my existence. (28.3.2014)

Where words revoke their decay

And sprout into exotic coloured rainbows

Luring depth to fall for their clarity

I seek that solitude. (23.3.2014)



Fragile vines groping the balcony wall

Dancing flowers put miseries into oblivion

Spring is the bulwark

Guarding the life from passivity.  (22.3.2014)


Is it possible

That a fragrance

Could defy its limits

And make one surrenders

The glory of indifference? (20.3.2014)

Bleary wet eyes

Rueful smile

Shocked stretched hand

Heart somersaulting

Body numbed & soul receding

Rejection accepted. (20.3.2014)

To play hide & seek

To be a flickering hope

Stars prey

When nights are darker

And the moonshine besieged. (19.3.2014)

A sizzling cup of tea

A gilded sun

A visceral pinning to evolve

Another day of life

Yet far from banality. (17.3.2014)

Be my dawn

As if it’s inevitable

For you to light up

The dungeon inside me

And unfetter a life starving there. (17.3.2014)

Once I coveted a star

Twinkling & aloof

I forgot

I’ve a loving heart

A supernova. (17.3.2014)

Love isn’t to regret.

It’s those pebbles,

One acquires,

After spending all diamonds,

That keeps mocking

The taxing naivete. (17.3.2014)


A train leaving the station

A soul starts shrinking

Amid harsh bellowing

of departure

Smoke sings requiems. (15.3.2014)


Love, an out of this world feel

Divulges itself

In the coves of soul

Liquefies curiosity

Yet flux resigns

Fixation expands. (12.3.2014)

Combing tangled locks of despair

Desperate fingers of silence

Craving a loving conversation

With a forbidden touch. (9.3.2014)

Touching the silk of the bright morning

My eyes disowning

Sad shreds of last night’s waspish cloak. (9.3.2014)


Loud whispers of tranquility

Singing melodiously

Untouched by disquiet

Delectable purity

Enticing a voracious heart. (9.3.2014)

Night dragon

Fiery breathing

Predatory stance

Provoking stare

A calm beast

…….Your definition. (8.3.2014)

All those galaxies

And the undiscovered secrets of the cosmos,

Seem feeble & fable,

When I read your eyes. (7.3.2014)

Burying myself in your dreams

Night shall cast its spell

Your love will arise

Like phoenix

From every pore of my body. (6.3.2014)


I can touch the breathing sunshine

When I, secretly, peek into

Our moments together

In the dead of night. (6.3.2014)

We no more walk together,

We can’t,

Yet who would disclose this to your scent?

Leading me on, too far. (6.3.2014)

Calling me an abstract thought

He didn’t know

I was fluent for him

Like water, wind & tears

Like an obliging reflex action. (6.3.2014)

Sultry night is here

The panther of dreams

Prowling to hunt my eyes

My whole being awaits

My fall. (3.3.2014)

Lightening up the darkest corners

You’re a stubborn morning

Rising in my soul. (3-3-2014)

Two passionate hawks

On a path to dovetail

Leaving a trail of flames behind

An eager walk to an active volcano. (1.3.2014)



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