“A Moment An Eyeful”

The Love Toke by
Charles Lebrun Guillaume

(What she says)

A thirsty stolen glance

Beckoning a heated, hedonist urge,

A worshipping festival of gratitude

Flourishes in waiting shrines of yearning,

Coveted tunes of a forgotten spell

Spread their inviting arms.


A quivering moment between marrow & breathing,

An awakening bout of “the love toke”

Waltzing tendrils of a merry drunk spring,

Convolute around that profound awareness,

Oscillating within my heartbeats.


Narrow alleyways of life,

Veils of obscurity

Can’t restrain the pulsating pink tulips in my soul

Turning into fiery red rebels

_Waving flags of his anarchist scent

Blowing petals of his sinful lips_

Whenever his eyes claim my existence.


(What he says)

Clad in ancient customs

And my favourite colour

She’s my patience & provocation.

Arresting my strides

Liberating my eyes, sight by sight.

I wrote these words just to pay a tribute to this brilliant painting. And I know I fell short of what I wanted to say. What a perfect moment painted by the painter…etched on the marble of centuries yet might’ve passed in a blur. This is my version of what transpired between the two lovers when they catch a glimpse of each other.


2 thoughts on ““A Moment An Eyeful”

  1. Usman Ghani

    She’s my patience & provocation….
    Maseeha darr dilam paida o mann beemaar mi gardam….
    My healer lives within myself and I still roam wounded.

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