“U N F O L D I N G”

A predator,

Who’s eating his prey whole, every moment.

Then recreates her to devour, again.

It’s like time & space are writing this tale

Where prey is torn_

Torn between an illusion and

The agony of letting the illusion elude.

The prey wants to cling to what’s destined to burn into ashes;

Yet the burning drives the prey more,

More Than it ignites the predator to pounce.

The predator is beautiful,

A ravishing creature of living_

Living that tastes like dying & reincarnation.

This baffling state of being

Binds the prey to her predator.

A cataclysmic magic blinks in triumph,

Keeps the complete ruin at bay,

Allowing a mourning to mark all escape routes.

A mourning that no one can witness,

Albeit it’s a recurring event in the soul.

Surmounting the prey like a snarling sea

Who has renounced loyalty to its boundaries.

The prey kowtows before the deluge while giving up herself

Predator, that hopes are,

Accepts the sacrifice & disappears forever.


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