“Even If” (Woman in Love)

Shereen's Blog

Image Woman in love by Henry Nelson

Even if you’re no longer the destination to submit myself to

I, within myself, keep flying towards you

Like it’s the only justification of me being intact without you


Even if your form & fragrance is not mine to hold like a treasure

My lips, in their pursuit of forbidden, drench your soul in their moistness,

Like it’s the only prayer, they’re obliged to utter when devoid of sustenance


Even if your name is no more but a relic of the days of yore,

My hands can fathom your tenderness in your disappearance,

Like it’s the only allegiance my senses are devoted to, madly, chastely


Even if time has broken the bridge we meant to cross as one soul

The infinity of yearning is sharp enough to carve a secret pathway within me

Like it’s the only road, my strides would worship long after death


Even if the promises are lost in…

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