“I N C U R A B L E”

Chasing an escape from the siege of memories.

Memories have got a merciless hook;

The hook is invisible,

It doesn’t bleed flesh,

It spears into the tapestry of spirit,

Unknots the threads of existence,

Pulls me inside out,

Wounds the air I inhale,

Puts distress in the ebb & the rise of my chest.

An ember like presence invoking an inferno in every breath.

This madness of the hook;

To be a permanent premonition,

To excavate my soul & douse it in an acid rain…

A testament,

That the vows of languish would tend to my every step,

The siege of memories would last longer than me,

The ever smouldering void would nourish itself

Into an accomplished hell.

Waiting would be like a fairy tale;

A fiction misleading the naïve reality.

And you, my savage sun, wouldn’t be mine

Yet I, a snowflake, would be your ceaseless lover..

Melting in your downpour yet never fading nor staying.


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