When the rain ceases the reins of weather

To aggravate the shallow walls of plastic smiles

To raise a scented insurgency

In the parched veins of the soil

I remember the contours of your face

Your smile, the subtle tilt of sin was enough

To give me wings to soar to a moon of bliss

The sublime hunting of your gaze

Was an invitation to plunge myself into a wildness

Now there is nothing but adjectives to explain you

And dreams where you’re hauntingly copious

So much so that when awake

I feel, this life, this shadow of existence is nothing

Except finding a glimpse of your proud features

In every stranger’s face

And a wanderlust to collect

The faded vapours of your whispers

At this moment I meet a truth

Which is jaded by its own grief

Translating me into a withering cherry tree

Knowingly, my eyes shed a smile

A smile of a ripe autumn

Denuded by red chaos

Melded in hot liquid sorrow

Which flows inside me, shrouds me completely

I become all the particles of sand

Burning naked in the deserts of the Sahara

Comes the night, lightening up her dark magic

The burnt sand glows in the majesty of yearning

And the cactuses don’t protrude, rather, grow inward

Mirages seek a fantasy for a living

The only oasis, I harbour, resides in your touch

If this rain could brim you to the edges

Draw me in, in one giant quaff

The desert shall be receding into the depths of immortality

Dedicated to the oasis of words which keeps a desert hydrated enough to live.


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