“I Fear The Life Without You”



Your memory is a strange event

It trespasses every boundary, conscious or subconscious

A caress that never ceases to touch my cheek lovingly

A smile that keeps showering a sweet assurance upon me

A murmur comforting me out of the wretchedness of living

A happiness grips my very soul when I recall “us”

That once I’d you, not as a memory in teary eyes

Albeit as succour, a supplication, a physical reality

All those moments we shared our secrets, laughters & tears

All seem like opening their warm  arms for me

To have me seized by their exotic contentment

The contentment that’s become just a flicker, a brief taste now

In its place a grief a loneliness have me trembling, forever

A constant trembling meant for deeper shattering

Those jolts of ache, that nameless sharp pinch

Which cuts the passage of my breathing & seeps into my bones

The roads we walked on together

The places we explored together

The friendships we carved together

They torment me or they tend to me alternately

How & when you become my most feared & cherished thought?

That I fear no death, I fear the life without you.



To the woman whose absence has yet to reveal the extent of void she left within me, for, still, I can’t measure it.


Lend Me An Eternity

Meet me where breathing hangs in a tense air

And a raw scent stirs like a fresh storm, waving its rage

Invoking a rendezvous of million lights & thunders.

Meet me at all those sinuous places where

Instincts & perversions are in a lofty agreement of pleasance

Rejoicing at finding their melting-pot.

Meet me in hushed whispers which scatter

Like a turgid happiness in a prim soul

Exploding into luminous stars which never die.

Meet me where forbidden & complicity befriend each other

Where serendipity infiltrates the road leading to separation

And the rueful traveler finds a way back to his beloved.

Meet me when a vulnerability is at its strongest

Or when strength surrenders with a content sigh

Allowing confusion & curiosity to go rampant in each other’s arms.

Meet me in an ancient fort, cajoling mystery & nostalgia

A song of bewilderment trembles on the lips of past & present

Pouring out its sweet jolts in the caverns of wild imagination.

Meet me in the perplexed urbanity of a metropolis

Where intimacy & indifference mingle & deceive together

Delights & deficiencies fill & abandon in stark flavours.

Meet me in those fields of poppy sprawled in the countryside

Or on a rooftop of a rustic villa facing a barn, discarding guises

In a transparent garment of essence, nurturing a new civilization.

Meet me somewhere unknown, where no one could reach

Which is alien to senses & perceptions, words & eyes

Meet me in a cipher, teach me cryptography & lend me an eternity.


This is to those coveted meetings which seldom happen or happen like a miracle, yet heart & mind could trace their details vividly. Sometimes, this meeting happens even when, physically, people are far apart but connect somewhere deep.