A pensive still rustles in the air
Sends a catapulting awareness to my pores
Murmuring a song of a forgone dream
A dream, equally eclipsed and adorned

I trudge on that moment where mirth and melancholy are one
The distance that governs our paths relinquishes its rule
And all instincts and intuitions run amok towards you
Yearning is a riot, wrecks my heart 
Physical realities unwind their godly grasp

Time and the traveller leave each other
Transfixed, within their own altered dimensions
You emerge from a vertigo of desire, entering the realm of need
Need to have you all; in all imagined and unimaginable ways

[To seep inside your contours or pull you inside out
To kiss the corners of your smile or touch the twinkling of your eyes
To derive the resurrection of euphoria from your scent
To grasp the texture of the life thrums deep in your voice]

Wishes and reality revoke their parameters

And my soul seeks her gravity_ You

 Recalling you is the homecoming

 Loving you is the beloved salvation

 Purging from the lacerations, your absence afflicts



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