Quid Pro Quo

I see the darkest shade of yearning in your eyes
Love is mellow on your tongue yet daring in your countenance
Profusely splashes the undertone of your silence & words
Your intention flows viciously towards the place, my submission lives

Your voice carries a savage knife, shreds my hesitation
You flaunt me like a treasure before my own eyes
You’re a sweltering deluge, words can’t justify your gentle might
Bewitched, I ask,
“Have I lost myself, unceremoniously
Or have you found me, unguardedly”

Your presence dislocates me
I become an eager wreckage, orbiting your scent
In this journey I realize we’re the same kind of desert
No one can decipher what we share_
A desolate miracle of sporadic wild flowers, reckless extremities_

Discovering you is the catastrophe, I needed to collect myself
Your unrestrained gaze is inescapable yet a phenomenal aphrodisiac
Turns me into an island surrounded by your liquid infinity
Yet decorating my skin with glittering rubies of passion

You’re always abundant like that
In my heart I know I wouldn’t have you any lesser
For I long to complement you by spilling myself in your hands
And filling my empty existence
With that darkest shade of yearning in your eyes.



6 thoughts on “Quid Pro Quo

      1. Till the time you can manage it, that would do. 😊 Permanency is only demanded/expected from a few. Still whatever precious time you could manage for whatever duration that suits you.

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