“I N C A R C E R A T I O N”

Her eyes hunt with their spirit of marauding

She camouflages a thirst in those twin lakes,

Harbouring lotuses of a sinful curiosity, a sacred silence

Emancipation colours those irises a nocturnal shade of defying

A quicksilver soul sways in her unperturbed stance

Her eyes are those quaffs which swallow days & nights;

Every conviction or incredulity, time & space

They chant, “death to shackles”

Yet they’re a cuff to the smitten heart

Who could hold the strings of freedom

And unleash imprisonment?

One lingering glance chafes the patience of her beholder

Cuts the ropes around his madness

Urges it to soar like an invincible pride

Smashing itself under her pretty feet.

Dedicated to the muse of a man, who, was deeply involved in his own ruination in the return of an eternal longing. The latter outlived him.