It’s not our autumn yet,
You’re, still, not too far
I haven’t turned my back to your receding form
The spring, that kissed our barren life
It, still, smacks of our passion
It might be dying, withal, blood coloured roses live
The long summer nights of happy walks,
Under the astral gaze of the sky, haven’t evaporated yet.
Stars can’t forget the regal innocence of two shadows,
Cocooned in a victorious shell of finding their other half.
It’s not our autumn yet,
Separation hasn’t started agonising the air;
I can taste the gentle touch of your love,
Caressing the inner walls of my mouth
And a shy pink glow singing a melancholic song to my soul,
Grim rusty fear of loneliness and
Red craving of deserting myself in your name
Haven’t ensnared me yet.
Sorrow of not calling your deep eyes mine,
Still, sleeps like a dormant volcano
Ruins of those embraces keep me warm, still.
It’s not our autumn yet,
There’s an immense & impenetrable chasm between us,
An immeasurable fence of reasons,
Is that a wonder?
That this mundane living making us invisible to each other,
And worldly norms are violating the culture of inner peace
Then is it a wonder?
That the magnanimity of logic can’t dethrone a stubborn love.
Do I need a medium to meet you?
I can kiss you from thousand miles
The rains we savour together can still drench my heartbeats
I can catch your smile on my lips
I can shed, drink & wipe your tears from my eyes
And I can tell with a proud conviction, that you still love me.
It’s not our autumn yet…

Dedicated to that knot, which you can never untangle, completely. Dedicated to the lasting ruins, enduring signs & reverberating



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