You’re a violet rose
Regal among thorns
And a munificent charm for my thirst
An exquisite deviation from scarlet magnificence of love
Somehow, love is drawn towards
Your dark blossomed enigma
Your scent is an incantation
Invisibly softening my iron shell
And guarding your vivid velvet petals
The scent is the thief who steals perception
The scent is that guard who doesn’t bow
It’s that delinquency which dictates law of devotion
It’s a defacto romance with freedom
Your purple hubris invokes a tender burst of White flames
I might pluck you
You might kiss & caress my tresses for a day or two
Your scent might keep me inebriated till you stay
It’s achingly beautiful to contemplate
How can I disregard my fear?
I weaved this dream around the Transiency of what we’ve
And immortality of the affliction we’ll be to each other.

A dedication to a regal dream & a pair of rustic eyes.


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