I’ve loved you
Without inhaling the peculiar aroma
Of your quenching presence
Or licking the honey of your name
When the electrifying sadness
Of your obsidian eyes
Hadn’t absorbed my heartbeats
Your heaven crusted voice wasn’t a softly
Cutting edge of madness,

Ruining & recreating me

I’ve loved you
Since I was a naive youngling,
And carnality wasn’t imbuing persuasion
Then, this world was a carnival,
Celebrating the gilded onset of summer
A nest, cozily nestled amid bushes
Of the highest tree
Which could extend its leafy lips
To hold the moon in them
And draw her light in his solemn veins

I’ve loved you

When premonitions hadn’t clogged the flow of my smiles

When poison was just a substance

To extinguish a body
When other kinds of poisons were not known
Separation was like a grey blanket of winter’s fog
Its innate agitation hadn’t pecked at my chest
Yet I knew
There will be a poison & lacerations
I’d thought you as a purifier
To redeem the choices I would make later
That ungrasped wait for baptism
prayed for you, unknowingly
Without drowning in your monsoon embrace
I’d loved the enticing breeze
of footsteps of your soul
Reaching out to me, slowly
Through the small opening in time’s blue window
The window which lies between the two worlds
– Heaven & the Earth
Us & …… you, me.

There are things we don’t always know. There are things which stay with us, dormant, & suddenly something activate them. Then we look back & find the subtle signs of their forever and silent presence. Here’s to them ‘things


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