A languidly tranquil noon
A miracle wearing pale amber plumes of warmth_
Undulating itself on walls, on newly verdurous boughs, & on adolescent bodies of flowers_

Dipped in a coral blush smile_ a gossamery
Guarded by a surcease to cocoon its bloom
It’s that unfolding Which gazes back into eyes
When peeking down from a summit
Or staring above at the vastitude of unknown
It’s a fragility trapped in a teary glance
Or mimetic of a laugh of an old gypsy woman
This noon is a gilded homage to
A nigh-sapped winter, Still clinging to the edges
Of a doomed struggle to rekindle the old glory
The scenery hurls white burning javelins Of something familiar
A larger anomaly
Small Hieroglyphs of our own world

Suddenly protruding out of the dunes of time
From behind the tall pines of forgetfulness
You, a merry noon.. fleeting
I, a melting winter… beseeching.


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