She goads sunflowers
To extract a healing Ray of sunshine
And rubs it on that endless night
Swinging in her roots as a thorn sublime.
She denounces baroque passage ways
And embraces the gravelled paths
Travelled by nomads
To steal the freshness of vast spaces
And freedom of aimless walks.
Unfurled by moonbeams,
She grows like a moonflower
Away from the charades of daylight
And polite charlatans
With a tongue, sickly sweet or sour.
She preserves the fragrance of unselfish smiles
And chases honeybees & their curious flight
To quarry the innate sting,
Their patience to cultivate honey within.

She deserts civilisation when it screams 

The suave chants of superficiality 

While strangling happy dreams.
She builds a home in wilderness
Draped in kindness shown by strangers
Amid people, she converses in their language
Trailing the syllables
Yet never being led
Leaving her silence for love to possess.


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