“A Stolen Kiss On A Busy Day”

Rolling down the crowded main road
I scramble to reach the acrylic den of slavery
Which employs my pleasures & privations
And make me paper morsels to buy life
Screaming honks are a whip from hell
Lashing the malnourished body of peace
Rushing forward, I curse the unforgiving June sun
A veritably scorching agitation 
Boring a prickling sensation into my eyes
On the celluloid of my memories, a scene plays
Once I called you my candytuft grove of calm
A shrine to hide from the diabolical June sun of sorrows 
And I find myself veering towards plush side of the city
There’s a street, which in her gravel limbs
Harbours some silken rudiments of a love
Now a pariah link between us
A precipice of impossibilities

I disentangle restraints of reason & limping

To steal a kiss of the whiff

Of your nameplate 
To plaster a rosy stain
On the cheeks of a forlorn tawny day

[Dedicating to a sudden bursts of memories on a busy day- I wrote this while going to work 🙂 ]


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