“Come to me”

I see,
The russety moon takes a leap of faith
Discards clouds’ velvet shroud
And dives into the liquid caverns of impatient water
Extend yourself to me likewise
Flamboyantly rising & audacious
Ravenously kissing the depth of a redeeming abyss
Swaying like a sweltering lucid mirage
So unattainable so unforgettable
And if,
An unspeakable tyranny stencils its name
On the flesh of our embrace
Stealing our eternity
We will fade together
Like dazed ashes of a waning moonshine
We will wilt together
Like moss-green luminosity of leaves
Giving in to the sleuth of autumn
Before this tantalisingly beloved death
Come to me
Like a valiant king
Or a sated cheetah
Whose longing trumped
His possessions


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