I’m the missing half of thee!

A layer of decorative frosting on your cake
Or spumes of sparkly bubbles in your champagne,
An ornamental tapestry around your photo-frame,
A classic painting on your castle’s wall,
I’m none of this.
An arousing umbral juncture of lithe thighs
Or a provocative pair of voluptuous breasts,
A dosshouse to rest your primal needs,
A coffee-bar to soothe your tired limbs,
I’m none of this.
If you dare to know me,
I’ll dare to show you,
Who I’m;
I’m your vulnerable confession
Im your proud winning speech
I’m your fairy-fable
I’m your limpid grasp
I’m the prologue to your journey
I’m the contentment after every victory
I’m the sorrow of faltered steps
I’m the golden fireworks of success
If, you believe, I’m all of this
You’ve all of me
I’m the beauty
I’m the pleasure
I’m the harmony
I’m the missing half of thee!


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