Anam Cara (soul friend)

Oh, you, the lonely one!

Flamboyant in sorrow

Resplendent in despair

Life shimmers in you

Like Seurat’s strokes

I can coalesce you in me

Or surrender my abundance to you

Oh, you, the lost one!

Splutter up

The venom of forever

You’ve drunk from

The undying sun of fear

I adore the eclipsed you

And the noctilucent you

A Caravaggio’s chiaroscuro,

You Palm the abyss of dazzle & dark

Oh, you, the loved one!

I’m in harmony with

The rise & fall of your bosom

Knowing the scent

of my breaths blossoms you

In the treasure of this starkness

I’ve found

The scripture of another eternity

I’ve grasped

The morse code of this mystery

I’m you & you’re me!

(Note: Seurat is a French painter, famous for pointillism in his paintings & Caravaggio is an Italian painter, famous for using, a light & dark technique, chiaroscuro, in his work. While, the title, Anam Cara, is a Celtic word meaning, ‘soul friend or soul mate.)


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