Let me!

let me grasp all of you, my darling!
The lilting corona of your smile
The disarming mischief of your touch
The thundering dark magic of your chosen silence
limpid, sometimes, in golden cascade of your words
Let me quash my destitution
For you, blatantly unrestrained you, can cure my starved soul
I know your secret, my elusive
You’re that star who refuses to blink fiercely
Not allowing the cartography of what’s yet to come
You’re uncertain in the expanse of your depth in me
You, the unrepentant dweller of my heart
Let me grasp you, my breath ritual
I’m adamant in the pursuit of brisk you;
knowing that you sing poems of dappled shadows
and cryptic hazel sunsets
which only quaint walls of the red rose city can kiss, fleetingly
Still, let me accumulate your beloved gypsy steps
and feverishly aflame glances in the empty urns of my heart
Let me draw you out of your sharply narrow passage ways
Let me light you up like a love spell of tealights
wafting through a medieval cloister of desire
Let me bask in the spicy scent of your bare skin and honey voice
Speak to me in a manner
only rain & desert can celebrate
Speak to me in the distinctively passionate language of seasons
Let me grasp you as I know myself
I, singular in midnight custom of your longing
I, orthodox in daylong hunt of your nearness
Let me translate us in an eternal embrace of adoration
Let me grasp all of you, my darling!


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