“I Forget …”

The low murmurs of your laugh,

The sensuality of your language,

Cultivate slowly piercing ache in all moments;

I forget to stitch the longing of my bosom,

Torn open by your aqua & tobacco fragrance,

I forget breathing,  

And I forget buttoning my gown.

When the wild roses, grown outside  

Knock at the glass of the window, 

The plump half-moon of your bottom lip flares, 

Plagues the entirety of time

And what’s broken by it,

I forget chaining the urgency, dancing in my gait,

I forget talking, 

And I forget my face, my own body.

Your name inundates the soul, 

Breaches all sanity embankments 

You teach me to taste the wound of eternity,

I forget not to be paralysed,

And I forget to honour the distinctions,  

I forget I’m a monotheist.



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