Story of You & I

You befell like fate, mysteriously

You monopolised the paths 

Leading me elsewhere

I glared like lightening 

You grasped the taut edges of fury

And learnt the secrets of clouds hiding rains 

You like an oath of allegiance

Tied down my directions 

And turned me into a sonnet

Only you could write & rewrite

You mastered my forms

You whispered my name profoundly 

A folksong lit up under my skin

It burnt my robe & ego

Your perfume & breath covered my nakedness 

And like a mirage, like a traveller

I whirred & wandered

I whirred & wandered 

I chose my beginning & end in you

You, a lust storm in my veins

You, poison of love on my tongue

I couldn’t circumvent you

I wanted me seize you

On the verge of imminent death 

In the clasp of possible life 

I became yours 

And you became mine 


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