‪You’re not just a name ‬‪(A lyrical clasp around my sharp desire to speak) ‬

You’re not just a face 

(Brilliantly kissing the ardour of my body)

Nothing can identify you, as you

For you’re the magnitude of all love, lightening the world

And you’re the depth of all longing, possessing the universe

Nothing can know the heaven of your voice, within me 

Nothing can know the hell of your loss, within me

No sin is as delirious as the simplicity of loving you

No lust can anticipate the joy of breathing in your fragrance

Nothing can determine the eternity of your touch; the solace I travel towards yet can’t reach

You’re infinite, my magician

I can’t count or classify you

You’re horizon, you’re gravity

You’re the heart within the heart

And you’re the entirety of my being 


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