Reason of my being

Rhyme of my soul

You propel me against my odds

You catch & cure me when I fall like leaves

You nourish me with the Spring of your love 

You, my anchor, my disruptor

You command the sun to set on my lips

You, in the rise of the colour of my cheeks

You’re the mirror I pour myself into

You’re the gaze I recollect my shape from 

You’re my elements, I’m whole in you

You, my beyond, my enclosed 

You’re my fiery dark, hidden from all

You’re the light, singing below my neck

In the gleam of my jewellery you’re my youth

In the flush of my skin you speak warmth 

You, my inebriety, my sobriety  

Heaven has showered me with fertile rain 

Threads of bliss have sewn my wounds

In your touch I feel my resurrection 

In your kisses I have my resuscitation

You, my eternal kin, my holy sin


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