‘To Her’

‪In the wary crease above my brows
The faded cheer of your caresses speaks

Or is that your fresh water sparkling laugh, singing?

It cleans the sky for me.

(You know, without you, the sky is blotchy & small)

I seem, now, to smile at stars,

Their glow is borrowed from your forehead.

See, I know your address, now, My abundantly bright!

Clad in absolute layers of absence,

You can elude me,

If it’s not for my soul.

(My soul lives in the clasp of your fragrance)

You crystallise me into the living mass of nostalgia,

When my darkness gallops,

Leaving me to swallow its thorny silence.

I drink from your memory, 

I make a potion from your chosen endearments;

(you decorated me with your love)

Stains of your favourite lipstick, silk of your last worn scarf,

I squeeze familiarity from them all,

And I let my lurking stranger self bathe in it.

Slowly, I emerge from my tired pile to walk with life, 

In the corpse white days of lingering by,

I feel your shimmery hazel gaze

Curling around my anxiety, 

And greying of my cheeks & hair.

(Your eyes, nectar from heaven-flowers) 

I cease existing like a dead old leaf,

I dodge the spy of winter & bitterness,

I bloom into your darling moringa flower scent,

There’s no tomb to bury my hunger for you,

My thirst for your love, mocks deserts,

My peace can’t breathe without your bosom, 

There’s no permanence for me,

I’m between your shadow & my pining for your skin.

(For my beloved beloved mom; you’re as alive as I’m, maa)


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